Lackey World Reach was launched in 2012 to provide sustainable and transformative development services to the disadvantaged by partnering with strategic local organizations in developing nations, with a focus on children and youth.


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Jerry and Jana’s shared passion for Africa and unmistakable call from God led them to move to Maun, Botswana in 199. There they pioneered Love Botswana Outreach Mission, which has grown over the past 25 years into the largest non-government organization in the nation of Botswana.

With a multi-cultural staff team of over 120, and reaching over 10,000 people each month in northwest Botswana, Love Botswana Outreach Mission has made—and continues to make—a significant contribution to the development and transformation of Southern Africa.

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​Love Botswana's Mission Immersion program offers a unique, comprehensive, three-month mission experience. Interns participate in every aspect of ministry, learn valuable skills, and grow in their cultural understanding. 

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Meet Jerry and Jana Lackey, our Founders

Our Founders

bringing sustainable transformation 

through the power of THE GOSPEL

Lackey Ministries was founded in 1987 by Jerry and Jana Lackey to advance the Kingdom of God by teaching and demonstrating the Gospel around the world. 

​Lackey Ministries has pioneered two initiatives that continue to impact the world in innovative ways. 

1987 – Lackey Ministries is founded. Jerry and Jana Lackey move to Africa. 


1995 – Love Botswana Outreach Mission Trust is formed in Botswana to develop leaders for Africa.


2011 – Lackey World Reach is founded to 

provide sustainable and transformative development services by partnering with strategic local organizations in developing nations.

January 2012  - Lackey Ministries expands into new offices in Houston, Texas. 

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Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors who oversee our global strategy.