At Lackey Ministries, we believe that every person has a role to play in empowering communities around the world. There are many ways to get involved and support our mission.

Mission Immersion Program

Our mission immersion program provides a unique, comprehensive experience, where you participate in every aspect of ministry, learn valuable skills, and grow in their cultural understanding. This program is designed for individuals who are passionate about making a difference and want to gain hands-on experience in international development. A minimum commitment of one month of service is required for this program.


We have various opportunities for in-person volunteering, such as working with children and youth, providing healthcare services, teaching, and more. Our programs are based in developing nations and provide volunteers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture and make a tangible impact on the lives of those in need.

Virtual Volunteering

If you’re not able to travel, you can still make a difference by volunteering remotely. We have a variety of opportunities to use your professional skills to support our mission. Whether you’re a graphic designer, marketer, or have experience in outreach, your contributions will help us reach more people and make a greater impact.


There are many ways to partner with us, including:

JOINT PROGRAMS: We work with local organizations to develop and implement programs that address the specific needs of the community. By partnering with us, you can provide valuable services to people in need and make a tangible impact on the lives of those in your community.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the support of donors and partners to fund our programs. By partnering with us, you can help ensure that our programs have the resources they need to make a lasting impact.

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: We value the expertise of our partners and are always looking for ways to improve and expand our programs. By partnering with us, you can share your expertise in areas such as healthcare, education, or community development, and help us create more effective programs


Your support is essential to our ability to empower communities. Your donation will help us provide education, healthcare, and other essential services to children and youth in developing nations. Your donation will be used to provide resources, training, and support to local organizations, which will in turn, empower the communities they serve.

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